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Welcome to the new Gravesong Wiki

Gravesong Wiki is a public encyclopedia about the up and coming PnP RPG Gravesong. I'll be working to get it up to date as fast as I can, so that there will be an accessable information source for the project. The project is made by Team Gravesong and as we develop it or modify it I will do so here as well.

Please visit the [Forum] if you have any general questions, comments, suggestions or concerns, or send an E-mail to


This wikia is meant to be more read-only, than public collaboration. However, It is a place that I will take any suggestions, comments and the like, as well as requests to be part of Team Gravesong, and have a hand in making this great.



This rule won't be too strictly enforced, but I'd like for anyone (who isn't on the Admin list) who wants to make edits to the pages that aren't specificly for that to make an account, if you don't already have one.

If you are adding things that aren't true to the Gravesong Universe, such as other vampire lore or something, I first ask that you don't do this, but if your going to anyway then I ask you to place it in an area below the direct, straightforward Gravesong information.

I ask that you check and review your grammar and spelling before saving pages. It's very simple to go to Google and find out how to spell a word.



Important Pages[]

Special:AllPages - List of all pages on the wiki.

Category:Team Gravesong - The creators of all this epicness!

Category:Admin - List of all active Admins.


Category:Needs Work - List of the the pages that need some serious work done on them, as well as a list of other way you can help.

Category:Under Discussion - List of the pages on which the content is being debated over.

World Information[]

Category:Main Story Events - Includes Tier'd links to all pages featuring major events in the Gravesong Universe.

Category:Locations - List of Places within the Gravesong Universe.

Category:Creatures of Gravesong - Tier'd list of all the premade creatures and characters of Gravesong.

Category:Sub-Races - List of human sub-races.

Playing the Game[]

Category:Systems - Page containing a bunch of link to other pages with really cool referancey stuff on them!

Category:Character Creation - Contains pages to help you through making your character.

Category:Character Sheet - Contains link to pages about what is on the Gravesong Character Sheet.

Latest activity[]